Julie Gray Story Editing


Hi, I’m a developmental (or story) editor and book coach with a background as a story analyst in Hollywood which means that I was deep in the trenches of making decisions very quickly about your chops as a writer and whether your premise is truly unique and cinematic. Now I primarily work with creative and nonfic manuscripts and believe me you, my experience in the entertainment business has given me a very finely tuned sense of whether or not a premise is engaging and original and if it isn’t, approaches to making it so.

I provide manuscript evaluations, beta reads, substantive (or line) editing and developmental editing for works-in-progress. I’m also a published writer and essayist so I feel your pain but I also make sure that in respectful, insightful ways I make sure that your manuscript is better after we’ve worked together on it and that you are a better writer for the experience. I also help craft pitches and queries and scout agents for you.

Whether you are an indie writer or a writer seeking traditional publication, the great leveler is the quality of your writing and the uniqueness of your manuscript. Competition in the constantly shifting publishing business is very stiff. I make sure that all else being equal – your manuscript is head-and-shoulders above others being submitted for publication in whatever format or method.

Having put your heart onto paper and having written a book is just the beginning. No matter who your audience is, your manuscript absolutely must be an entertaining page-turner. That’s where I come in.