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Specializing in Narratives of History

Claire Mulligan at Luminous Edits will bring to your project over twelve years’ experience as an editor, fellow author, creative writing instructor, and writing mentor. She holds a BA in English and an MFA in screenwriting and adaptation.

Claire’s novels of historical fiction novels have been nominated for the Giller Prize, the BC Book Prize, and the Canadian Authors Award. Her short stories have garnered multiple awards including first prizes in contests sponsored by The Tulane Review, The Hourglass, The Canadian Authors Association, and Anthology Magazine among others.


Do you have a fascinating story from the past you long to bring to light? Now what? Will your grandfather’s letters become a novel? A biography? A braided narrative? Will that WWII battle become a work of popular history? A travelogue? The possibilities are both thrilling and daunting.

MY MENTORSHIPS & STORY CONSULTATIONS begin with helping you implement your research,
find the best approach for your material, and uncover your strengths as a writer. ($35 an hour)

Do you have a draft of a novel or creative non-fiction?

MY CONTENT EDITING is a two-round process that tackles structure, plot, character development,
theme, dialogue, and much more through extensive notes and consultations. (.016 per word)

Is the structure and content of your manuscript more or less finished?

MY LINE & COPY EDITING is a word-by-word process and includes rewriting for clarity and
impact, correcting of grammar and POV shifts, cutting of wordiness, fact-checking, and much
more. (014-.020 per word)

Do you want a fresh eye on your manuscript and advice on marketability and publishing strategy, and on the overall strengths of your work?

MY EDITORIAL EVALUATIONS include one read-through, a one-hour consultation, and two to four
pages of notes. (.005 per word)

I offer competitive rates and custom packages. Contact me at c[email protected] for a FREE CONSULTATION and SAMPLE EDIT.

See my website for more detailed information and testimonials.