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Limbo Magazine


Illumination over argument, human perspective over rhetorical analysis and uncomfortable questions over easy answers: These are the qualities we seek in stories for Limbo, a lifestyle magazine we describe as a guide for those who wander.

Our startup editorial team seeks fresh, challenging or previously unpublished authors to bring a contemporary voice and long-form journalism to an urban, globally aware and culturally savvy audience of wanderers, creators, backpackers, tastemakers, builders and dreamers. Since launching online in late 2015, we are emerging as a thoughtful platform for substantive storytelling, and we aim to fill a gap in lifestyle media between listicle-dominated (i.e., click baity) digital publishers and hipster-ific (i.e., #liveauthentic @socalitybarbie) fashion rags. We seek contributors that these kinds of publishers steer clear of – because these authors pose difficult questions, challenge conventional definitions of beauty and make us think about where we fit in this complex world.

Each one of our stories explores issues of belongingness and contemporary culture in four key sections: journey (both psychological and physical), style (individual expression rather than industry trends), craft (the stories behind the things we consume – and those who make them) and taste (palate-expanding experiences with food and drink). We plan editorial themes on a quarterly basis, but our editors will consider any story on its own merits.

We are also interested in photo essays, illustrated or graphic stories, film and other visual mediums. Please submit your stories to the email address listed here, and see our submission guide for more information:

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