The Paragon Journal


The Paragon Journal is an online literary magazine that focuses on sharpening the creative writing skills of people of any age. We are based in Pennsylvania, United States, but are looking for submissions from all over the globe. The first issue of The Paragon Journal went live on December 1, 2015 and included poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and visual arts from writers located in the United States and the United Kingdom. We are looking to make the magazine a more global affair.

The entire concept of The Paragon Journal is to be able to allow new writers to be published and act as a springboard into other literary magazines, and established authors to experiment with new writing styles. The Paragon Journal also offers an Edit Back service, where the staff read through each submission and make comments about the writing and email those comments back to the author. This allows the author to make changes to their submissions and resubmit for final consideration into the journal.

After the first issue, the journal added three new categories of submissions. We are currently accepting poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, visual arts, plays, graphic novels and other. The other category was added to allow writers to submit interviews, book reviews, song lyrics and any other form of writing they want published.

We read all submissions blind. Email submissions to [email protected] with information and submission attached. The editor-in-chief looks and compiles the submissions to send to reading boards.