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Sunspot Literary Journal


About Sunspot Literary Journal: Sunspots are areas of lower temperatures that appear on the sun’s surface. Because of the sun’s brilliance, sunspots are not visible to the naked eye. Compare that to the blinding static many publishers use when marketing celebrity rehab stories. The unique and creative get lost.
Hearing Every Voice: Sunspot literary journal was founded to cut through the blinding flashes. The publications present writing that is meaningful. Writing created by individuals who might not have a large social media following, but who still have something important to say.
Writing a New World: Here at Sunspot, we believe in the power of the written word. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry and art can speak truth to power with the power inherent in all human beings. Our mission is to amplify every voice.
Publishing Cycle
Quarterly Editions: Sunspot produces four digital-only quarterly editions per year. These editions are free to subscribers of Sunspot’s newsletter and visitors to the website. The digital editions will include art as well as other items, thoughts, and snippets that might shed more light in the world.
Print Editions: For the first year (2019), Sunspot will product one print volume using select pieces from the digital editions and new work. Barring solar flares, the number of print editions will increase in 2020.
Special Editions: At times, Sunspot will produce special editions. These might be digital only, print only, or both. Most special digital editions will be free.
Contests: A number of contests are in the works. The first was announced in January of 2019. Contest winners will be published in special editions, digital, and/or print editions depending on the theme and contest. Prizes will vary, but will always be cold, hard cash (or cold, hard Paypal payments). Brrr! Delicious!

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