The Margins


The Margins seeks work for a new notebook featuring queer artists from the South Asian subcontinent and the South Asian diaspora. Mehfil: An Evening of Entertainment and Enchantment, to be published online and in print in Summer 2023, will celebrate a spirit of play and performance from queer South Asian artists.

This notebook is part of the I Want Sky series, which seeks to make queer existence tangible and add to the queer archive. (The first issue honored Sarah Hegazy’s one irreplaceable life and the lives of all LGBTQ+ Arabs and people of the SWANA region and its diaspora; it was published by AAWW’s The Margins and Mizna online and in print.)

For this new notebook, we are looking for poetry, short stories, audio, video, photography, translation, art criticism, artist interviews, essays, and the daring, genre-blurring work that falls outside those categories.

We pay all writers and translators. Please write to [email protected] with any questions.

Submissions are open until January 23, 2023. To read submission guidelines and submit to Mehfil, visit our Submittable page.