C&R Press


C&R Submissions are open for full length manuscripts in Fiction, Short Stories, Poetry, Essays, Memoir and Mixed Genre. We encourage female, minority, LGBT, immigrant, progressive and submerged voices to submit to our open reading period through June 2017.

Winter Soup Bowl Chapbook + NYC Reading 2017!
Winners will receive ten copies of the book and a hosted reading in Brooklyn, NYC. Entries are open from November 1 to the spring equinox, 2017 each year.

Also, announcing the first anthology of its kind:
Aliens, Cyborgs, Zombies and the Ongoing Apocalypse: Sci-Fi Poems of the 21st Century and Beyond, a poetry anthology edited by Travis Denton and Katie Chaple. A quarter of the anthology will feature contemporary work, published or unpublished.

We love books. Literature matters in today’s world because it lets us explore and share the best of what we think, and who we can be. Good fiction, nonfiction and poetry grow understanding and imagination, take us into new lives and show us truths we never knew.

For thousands of years, books are how content has been shared. Today, C&R Press is pushing into new media, while keeping the best of what has always made books great.

So we’re looking for talented authors and poets – both new and established – whose work we help refine, support, publish and promote. And, through their works, we’re looking to grow the reading public’s love of reading, writing, crafting and dreaming.

Let other people say that books are dead, that their time is past. Since 2006 we’ve been helping writers and readers prove that idea wrong – and we’re just getting started.

Long live books.