Dudley Court Press


Dudley Court Press is a contemporary full-service publishing house offering partnership hybrid publishing, traditional publishing and assisted self-publishing programs. We work closely with our authors throughout the publishing process, often for years before and after a book’s launch. Not only do we publish books, we offer an array of coaching programs, courses, marketing programs and other resources as well. We publish uplifting fiction and non-fiction in many genres including business, self-help, spirituality, alternative health and wellness, contemporary social and cultural topics, travel and memoir.

Our simple three step process guides our relationships with our author clients. We start by clarifying your goals. Then we formulate a plan to achieve those goals. Finally we implement the plan together.
It’s easy to get lost in the complexities of publishing. Too many people spend thousands of dollars going down the wrong publishing path. Not knowing how to use the many options available, they end up frustrated and in the wrong place. We aim to change that for as many aspiring authors as possible.
Several of Dudley Court Press’s commercial books rank in the top 10% on Amazon, while others rank in the top 100 of their genre/categories. Dudley Court Press published works have won an Arizona Book Award, a Ben Franklin Gold Medal, and two titles are featured in three PBS specials.