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EI Publishing


EI Publishing is now accepting submissions!

EI Publishing is a publisher of thought-provoking and out of the ordinary books.

EI Publishing:
• promotes a venue to “out-of-the-box” authors who might not otherwise get published,
• formats author’s work into an E-book for Amazon,
• navigates through Amazon marketplace and upload s author’s work, and
• creates printed copies of author’s book.

• owns and maintains 100% of the Rights to his/her work,
• keeps 100% of the Net Royalties,
• has his/her words and voice heard.

EI Publishing has a goal to help our authors get their work published. We encourage our authors to market their books and achieve the success that they choose. Our authors maintain full control over what they do with their work and how they market. Our job is to help them get there. Authors choose what services they want, and are no longer required to pay EI Publishing anything more, unless they want more. Authors reap the rewards from their hard work.

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