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Wonderbox Publishing


Speculative & Digital Fiction
We’re looking for SPECULATIVE FICTION that asks “What if?” Whether that be alternative history, science fiction, contemporary fantasy, dystopia, or magical realism, we’re interested in speculative fiction that engages us in alternative storyworlds while making us think about our everyday world. We’re also interested in fiction that embraces the themes & aesthetics of digital culture: print books with digital influences/themes, such as nonlinear reading orders, multimodal presentation, interactivity, and/or gameplay.

The DIGITAL FICTION we’re looking for crosses the divide between print and digital, in whatever form that may take. That includes born-digital works (fiction created on and for digital devices), such as hyperfiction, storygames, literary games, hypertexts, Flash fiction, interactive fiction; and print-digital hybrids (fiction that exists across both traditional and digital forms), such as hyperlinked e-books.

See our website for submission guidelines and/or submit a query.

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