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Idea Creations Press


Remember the swings as a kid? Remember how the wind felt against your cheek and the freedom you experienced? We want you to feel just like a kid at Idea Creations Press, and we expect that you’ll be in wondering awe your entire swing.

And why not?

We know you have some GREAT IDEAS that you’d like turned into a book, and our writing services give you that one-on-one time you need and expect, whether it’s through phone connection, email or personal visit. Get your book ghostwritten, or have an expert editor give you suggestions on your finished book for improvement. We respect your ideas, and always place them in the #1 position.

This is YOUR project. And that makes you the first and the last word.

Idea Creations Press is a publishing services company utilizing Print on Demand (POD) technology, hence, you own the rights to your work. That means you decide how you want to market and sell your books. And you make the profit.

At Idea Creations Press we know you’ve worked hard on your book and want to PUBLISH IT without waiting years to see it in print. We also know you need help MARKETING what you’ve published or are soon to publish. Standard publishing is difficult to find these days, even for an exceptional book, so why not get your work out there easily? Why not get the marketing you need to sell your book without spending a royal mint?

From Idea to Creation, let Idea Creations Press sit you on that glorious swing of success!