Tell It My Way


The goal of Tell it my Way is to provide the largest possible free resource of stories delivering positive main ideas for parents and educators. The reason is that children will more willingly absorb ideas such as fairness or kindness when expressed through a story than when such concepts are directly delivered. It’s ironic, and perhaps not surprising, that in the gathering itself of story material, subtly is a more effective method than direct messaging. Tell it my Way invites all children’s writers to publish original or retold fiction. For children’s authors, Tell it my Way offers a free vehicle to publish their original work and to see how well their stories are received. For children’s storytellers who work in the oral tradition, Tell it my Way offers a way to capture the branching the retellings in a digital format. When a story is posted it can be tagged by its main idea. Authors may tag their own stories or Tell it my Way staff may also tag stories. When parents or teachers enter the site in search of story content, they can filter by various main ideas and access a selection of stories to share with the children in their care.