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Gargi Mehra

Feet in two boats

By Gargi Mehra

A writer struggles to follow professional and creative journeys at the same time.


The psychology of world building

By Gabriela Pereira

How to make any story come to life on the page. 

Unifying your fiction

By Jack Smith

Pro tips for transforming a messy first draft into a ready-to-publish manuscript.

(Story) slam dunk

By Donna Talarico

Taking your writing from the page to the stage.

Marketing with magazine articles

By Kerrie Flanagan

How to promote your book, write what you love, and get paid for your words.

A lifetime of stories

By Ryan G. Van Cleave

An interview with acclaimed author Jane Yolen, author of 365 books (and counting).



The writer speaks

By Gail Radley

How to take the jitters out of public speaking.


What a writer should do

By Pete Croatto

How to respond to unsolicited advice from non-writers.


Nashville Review

By Melissa Hart

“If it’s a moving work of art, we want it,” say the editors of this 10-year-old publication.


Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference

By Melissa Hart

Writers of all genres and experience levels gather in Arizona for intense learning and vibrant conversations.

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How I Write

Jillian Medoff: “I start with a block of words that I carve and carve and carve until I find the simplest and most powerful way to move the narrative along.”