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November 2018

Candy Schulman

To read or not to read?

By Candy Schulman

Dealing with online comments about your work.


Master the market

By Keysha Whitaker

Understanding where your manuscript fits into the current marketplace is essential for authors querying in all genres. Here’s everything agents, authors, and publishers say you need to know.

Put your writing on display

By Ryan G. Van Cleave

Where do agents look for new clients?

Rhythm, movement, & flow

By Jack Smith

Never write another boring sentence: A master class on pacing in fiction.

Beyond bookstores

By Kerrie Flanagan

Think outside the box when marketing your self-published books.

Re-drawing the landscape

By Yi Shun Lai

A roadmap to better diversity in literary magazines.


By Claire Mulligan

Read the winning story from our “The Coming Change” short fiction contest.



Taming the hostile audience

By Gail Radley

An approach for opening closed minds.


Writing with kids, part II

By Pete Croatto

Writing while parenting is no easy feat. Here’s what expecting freelancers need to know.


Turtle Island Responds

By Melissa Hart

Verse, current events, and underrepresented voices meld beautifully in this online poetry series.



By Melissa Hart

From social justice to video essays, this fact-focused conference is deeply grounded in modern-day truthtelling.

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