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H. Dair Brown

The tao of the Three Little Pigs

By H. Dair Brown

Don’t let an inner critic huff, puff, and blow your work down.


What agents hate

By Ryan G. Van Cleave

The ultimate “don’t do this” list for querying writers.

Making room for the words

By Lauren Kosa

The 12 emotional stages of leaving your job to write.

Go your own way

By Kerrie Flanagan

We hear whispers that indie authors can make just as much as – if not more than – traditionally published authors. But who are these mythical indie authors, and how are they making it work? We tracked down five self-published successes and asked them to share their stories.

Confessions of a hybrid author

By Constance Hale

Why a best-selling writer with a national profile decided to dip a toe into alternative ways of publishing books.

Risky business

By Keysha Whitaker

Or, why one writer might be a best-selling author and never know it.

Story magic

By Jack Smith

Alice Hoffman is a master of blending the real and the fantastic.



Not to be

By Gail Radley

Routing out lifeless be verbs.


Surviving and thriving

By Elizabeth Fishel

8 ways to handle the shrinking print market.


Cemetery Dance

By Melissa Hart

For three decades, this prestigious magazine has been the place to publish your horror stories.



By Melissa Hart

This spine-tingling conference offers a one-stop shop for all things horror.

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