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January 2019

Andrea Askowitz

The hard edits: Why every writer needs an editor/friend

By Andrea Askowitz


How to be a kid

By Margaret Meacham

Six steps towards finding your inner child on the page.

Maurice Sendak’s memory magic

By Gretchen Haertsch

Connect emotionally with young readers with lessons from one of the most beloved children’s authors of all time.

Towers of techno-babble

By Jessica Stilling

The importance of technology (and keeping it straight) in young adult and middle grade fiction.

Painting outside the lines

By Toni Fitzgerald

Think YA can’t be literary? Meet Jandy Nelson – and watch her lyrical language bring fully formed protagonists to life.

Book reviewing for beginners

By Ryan G. Van Cleave

Four reasons why you should do it – and six tips on how to do it well.



Mind your business

By Jennifer L. Blanck

Tax tips for writers.


Go long & cut, or write short & add?

By Libby Cudmore

Writers share their best tips for penning first drafts.


Phone it in

By Pete Croatto

To write better stories, conquer your hang-ups over calling sources.


Zizzle Magazine

By Melissa Hart

This international flash fiction journal aims to bring parents and children together to foster a lifelong love of reading.



By Melissa Hart

If you write books for young readers, this New England conference is an event you can’t miss.

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