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M. Thomas Gammarino

The 33 The-ses

By M. Thomas Gammarino

An article on an underappreciated article.


Supercharge your creativity

By Ryan G. Van Cleave

Writers share their best tips for breaking down blocks and brainstorming new ideas.

The lords and ladies of LOL

By Keysha Whitaker

An inside look at the gatekeepers of contemporary American humor.

Writing with handcuffs

By Melissa Hart

Self-imposed writing restrictions can break down blocks, sharpen skills, and take your writing to places you’d never find otherwise.

The tree of black humor

By Yi Shun Lai

A handy reference chart for the many forms of dark comedy.



Untangling threads

By Jen Glantz

The art of finding and separating stories within stories.


Expectations ≠ results

By Jack Smith

Understanding irony in fiction.


Making mistakes

By Pete Croatto

Every writer’s worst nightmare is finding an error in print…but it happens, often, and to the very best of us. Here’s how to cope.



By Melissa Hart

This feminist-forward online magazine seeks smart takes on modern issues.


The Cabins Collaborative Retreat

By Melissa Hart

All creative disciplines come together for a harmonious weekend of learning, growth, and inspiration at this welcoming four-day conference.

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How I Write

Rachel Khong: “What compels me are the books that can seamlessly balance humor with sadness. I think each sharpens the other.”