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April 2021

Kerrie Flanagan

Add a little magic

By Kerrie Flanagan

Understanding the world of fantasy and its subgenres.


Calming your comma calamities

By Toni Fitzgerald

A guide to when, where, and why to use grammar’s most reliable signpost.

Character inter-lands

By Alison Acheson

A new way to develop the character ‘worksheet.’

The Snapshot Theory

By Josh Sippie

The story outside your story is a story, too.

Class of COVID-19

By Thomas Calder

First-time authors discuss the challenges of publishing during a global pandemic.


From the Front Lines

Read fat, write fat

By Yi Shun Lai

The long essay is the perfect container for all your thoughts.

Literary Spotlight


By Melissa Hart

Conference Insider

Inkers Con

By Melissa Hart