December 2020

Jack Smith

The last chapter

By Jack Smith

Pro tips for ending your novels and short stories.



By Lynda Boudreault

Read the first-place winner of our 2020 essay contest.

How something you hate can reveal a voice you love

By Josh Sippie

It sounds bizarre, but it’s true. Here’s how one simple exercise allows my writing students to find their voice on the page – and how it can help you, too.

Find your niche

By Kerrie Flanagan

There’s a whole world of publishing opportunities outside your local newsstand. Here’s how to start writing for trade, niche, and international magazines.


From the front lines

Stick a fork in it

By Yi Shun Lai

How to tell when it’s done.

Freelance Success

Book it!

By Pete Croatto

Any freelance writer can get a book published if they think of it like landing a pitch.

Conference Insider

Todos Santos Writers Workshop

By Melissa Hart

Literary Spotlight

Reads and Eats

By Melissa Hart

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