February 2014

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Alicia Anstead

For most of us, February is the dead of winter

By Alicia Anstead

For most of us, February is the dead of winter. Yes, there’s Valentine’s Day – a hot spot in one of the chilliest months. (And we pay homage to that holiday in these pages.) But by and large, come February most of us are hunkering down in front of fireplaces or space heaters trying to keep our bodies warm and our imaginations fired up.


Last writes

By Roy Peter Clark

Learn how to craft a memorable eulogy from a master storyteller.

Profile of a killer

By John Katzenbach

The best-selling novelist gets inside the mind of a bad guy. Again.

Up in Mexico

By Alicia Anstead

Novelist Monica Wood talks about the challenges of writing memoir.

Sounds like a plan

By Jennifer Lawler

A solid business approach can help you achieve success in self-publishing.

Marissa Meyer: Audience

By Megan Kaplon

The best-selling YA author shares the secrets behind her sci-fi epics.


Writing Essentials

Hot spots

By Minal Hajratwala

Three simple steps for writing erotica.

Off the Cuff

For a living

By Neil Evans

Are you a writer by default or desire?

Freelance Success

Write type

By Jennifer Roland

Discover your inner introvert or extrovert.

Literary Spotlight

On the Contrary

By Melissa Hart

A digital journal embraces risk and lyrical narratives.

Conference Insider

Cracking shells

By Hillary Casavant

Novelists Michelle Wildgen and Dorothy Allison find inspiration in New Orleans.

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