February 2020

Our annual conference issue is here! Inside, you’ll find your picks for the best writing conferences across the nation. Which event reigned supreme in your state this year? Pick up your copy today to find out – or subscribe today to never miss an issue.


Inside you’ll also find an introvert’s guide to surviving and thriving at writing conferences, our ultimate guide to revision, and much more.

Clayton H. Ramsey

Mud Month

By Clayton H. Ramsey

Finding hope in the slog through the slush pile.


From mess to success

By Jack Smith

A writer’s guide to revision.

You can be anything you want – and more

By Alexis Marie Chute

Why it’s OK to pursue more than one passion – plus pro tips on how to do it successfully.

An introvert’s guide to writing conferences

By Melissa Hart

Hate crowds? Love alone time? Shudder violently at the mere thought of ‘networking?’ You, too, can succeed at a writing conference! Here’s how.

The best writing conferences in the U.S.

By our editors

YOUR VOTES ARE IN! Here are the 2020 winners of our annual Best Writing Conferences in America survey.


From the Front Lines

Down to brass tacks

By Yi Shun Lai

How I make Twitter work for me.

Freelance Success

The postscript

By Pete Croatto

A tweet I sent offering help to freelance writers in November went viral. Here’s what I learned after my phone went silent.

Literary Spotlight

The Lascaux Review

By Melissa Hart

Conference Insider

Belize Writers’ Conference

By Melissa Hart