January 2018

Lilly Dancyger

Personal narratives in the Trump era

By Lilly Dancyger

Why personal narratives matter now more than ever.


Should a writer ever write for free?

By K. L. Romo

Writers, editors, and teachers speak out.

On the road with David Sedaris

By Lee Mergner

After a dozen books, what's still left to know about this best-selling humorist's life? 
In a word: Plenty.

Setting the tone

By Jack Smith

How to handle voice in your fiction.

The hero of the story

By Melissa Hart

Disabled protagonists in children’s and YA literature.

From promising to polished

By Anica Mrose Rissi

Use these revision tips to make your picture book manuscript irresistible.

Making progress

By Yi Shun Lai

Writing is hard. Writing a full-length manuscript is harder. How can authors stay motivated to reach the finish line?



Is your home office causing you pain?

By Melissa Haskin

Learn how to set up your home office in the most ergonomically-friendly way.


Beyond the backdrop

By Sarah Van Arsdale

Why setting leads to richer characters and deeper plots.

Literary Spotlight


By Melissa Hart

This new magazine for young girls aims to make science fabulous.


Wordcrafters Writers’ Conference

By Melissa Hart

Writers both young and old come together to talk craft in beautiful Eugene, Oregon.

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From the Editor

Take Note

Featuring Lilly Dancyger and Natalie Bober.


How I Write

Julie Buxbaum: “It’s important to write about things that matter to you and scare you.”