January 2020

Our annual Writing for Young Readers issue is here! Pick up your copy today to read these great stories:

  • An interview with bestselling YA author Marie Lu
  • A guide to collaborating with fellow kidlit authors
  • How to structure your picture books for success
  • Eight creativity-boosting exercises to rekindle your love of writing
  • Focust-boosting strategies to help fight distraction

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Anica Mrose Rissi

Finding hope through story

By Anica Mrose Rissi

A young adult novelist uncovers the truth she never meant to write. 


Back to the future

By Lauren Puckett

YA author Marie Lu returns to the futuristic dystopia that landed her on the bestseller list – and digs through the past for tomorrow’s stories.

Dream team

By Susan Johnston Taylor

Collaborations help kidlit authors find new readers, bust creative blocks, better their craft, and increase accountability – plus snag a paycheck for spending time with
a fellow writer. What’s not to love?

Easy as 1-2-3

By Ryan G. Van Cleave

How to structure your picture books for success.

The In-Betweeners

By Heidi Ruby Miller

Bridging the gap between middle grade and YA.

Rekindle the flame

By Hope Lyda

Ah, writing prompts – the forgotten fire starter for your writing practice. Spark blank pages into endless possibilities with these eight creativity-boosting exercises.

Taming the squirrel

By Valerie E. Polichar

Banish distractions and increase writing productivity with these focus-boosting tips.


From the Front Lines

Choose your own narrator

By Yi Shun Lai

When should an author write in the second person?

Freelance Success

The survivor: An interview with Pat Jordan

By Pete Croatto

The legendary magazine writer and A False Spring author has written for himself since 1970 – and he’s having more fun than ever.


Writer at Work

The importance of sensitivity readers

By Tonya Abari

Are you writing kidlit outside of a lived experience? Here’s why hiring an expert to read your manuscript is essential.

Literary Spotlight

Your Teen for Parents

By Melissa Hart

Conference Insider

Big Sur Children’s Writing Workshop

By Melissa Hart

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