January 2021

Sofia A Koutlaki

Winter reset

By Sofia A Koutlaki

Many writers are bracing for a long, dark season spent indoors. Here are tips for looking after your mental health, filling your creative stores, and passing the many hours until spring arrives.


New year, new goals

By Nicki Porter

Need some help crafting some quality resolutions you’ll keep long past March? Here are some ideas.

Balancing act

By Steph Auteri

How remote learning has forced me to rethink my freelance workday.

Writing with a heart and soul

By Melissa Hart

Children’s author Alexandra Diaz illuminates the lives of young immigrants.

Building an on-camera wardrobe

By Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell

For my virtual book tour, I turned to virtual stylists. Here’s what I learned about dressing for success in an age of Zoom.


From the Front Lines

Got a shiny new idea?

By Yi Shun Lai

Five ways to give it a long life.

Freelance Success

“We have to band together”

By Pete Croatto

Maressa Brown, the founder of California Freelance Writers United, discusses how her group thwarted AB5 – and why the fight to save freelance writing isn’t over.

Literary Spotlight

Skipping Stones Multicultural Magazine

By Melissa Hart

Conference Insider


By Melissa Hart