July 2018

Chantal Meek

I wrote. I am writing. I will write.

By Chantal Meek

Read the first-place winner of our “Your Writing Life” essay contest.


The agent-author relationship

By Kerrie Flanagan

How to create and cultivate a successful publishing partnership.

In the path of luck

By Rebekah L. Fraser

An interview with award-winning author Mira Bartók.

The unconventional query

By Ryan G. Van Cleave

How a rule-breaking approach might earn you a sale.

Soul searching

By Jack Smith

Finding the heart of your story or novel.

Playing on all 88 keys

By Keysha Whitaker

The prose playbook of Phillip Lopate.

Manuscript mistakes only first-timers make*

By Toni Fitzgerald

*And how to fix them.


Writing Essentials

Nominalize that!

By Gail Radley

Recognizing and making nominalizations work for you.




DAME Magazine

By Melissa Hart

38 DAME Magazine
This powerhouse magazine is on the hunt for bold, clear-eyed writers.


Literary Writers Conference

By Melissa Hart

This Friday-Saturday conference in New York City offers a comprehensive primer on the publishing industry.

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From the Editor

Take Note

Featuring Chantal Meek and Meg Howrey.


How I Write

Joe Tone: “What I am at my core is a journalist and a reporter, and I’ve always been drawn to stories that require a lot of reporting and research.”