July 2019

Candy Schulman

Pouring your heart into your prose

By Candy Schulman

A visit to the cardiologist causes one writer to reexamine the pulse of her prose.


Pulling back the curtain

By Kerrie Flanagan

What does a literary agent really do?

Firing up fiction

By K.L. Romo

Astute agent, passionate teacher, and fiction fan Donald Maass shares wisdom on writing, querying, and selling sizzling novels.

Wait! Don’t sign that contract

By Ryan G. Van Cleave

When it comes to literary agents, all that glitters isn’t gold. Here are the essential questions to ask before accepting representation.

Introducing ‘new pulp’

By Heidi Ruby Miller

Pulp fiction is back, baby. Here’s everything writers need to know about its resurgence.

Don’t let your pitches die a premature death

By Tom Bentley

Keep at it and you’ll get one over the plate.

The fine art of tabling at literary festivals

By Melissa Hart

Avoid gimmicks (and build community) through conversation and book sales.


From the Front Lines

Readying your reading

By Yi Shun Lai

Boring readings don’t sell books. Here’s how to make the
crowd hang on your every word.

Freelance Success


By Pete Croatto

Taking a trip behind enemy lines reveals an ally in a crazy professional world.

Literary Spotlight


By Melissa Hart

Conference Insider

Santa Barbara Writers Conference

By Melissa Hart

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