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March 2017

Dana Shavin

When good assignments go bad

By Dana Shavin

You pitched it. Sold it. Researched it. You’re ready to write it. Then calamity strikes.


Neither here nor there

By Jacqueline Sheehan

She’s an award-winning novelist, filmmaker, and an ordained Zen Buddhist priest: In both writing and life, Ruth Ozeki refuses to be any one thing.

Rise of the novella

By Jack Smith

Stepping stone to success or waste of a writer’s time? Writers and editors weigh in.

Press time

By Melissa Hart

Can an independent publicist help you maximize your book’s success?

Many miles to cover

By Don Hudson

Walter Mosley is political yet massively appealing; commercially successful but critically acclaimed. And he’s one of the most important voices in American culture today.

Don’t go it alone

By K. L. Romo

An introvert’s guide to building a writing community.

Fiction: “Pieces of Echo”

By Brent van Staalduinen

Read the first-place winner of our most recent short story contest.



The hiccups of self-publishing

By Keysha Whitaker

Or, why one writer has 5000 book flyers in her closet.


Your story

By Hunter Liguore

How to craft a compelling About Me page.


Writing, reading, and social justice

By Jeff Tamarkin

This combination MA-MFA program is perfect for writers who want to make a difference.


Out of the binders

By Melissa Hart

This multi-city conference offers both community and opportunity to women and gender variant writers.


Recklessly true

By Melissa Hart

For 25 years, the Claremont Review has sought to provide a safe, creative space for teens.

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Take Note

Block-busting book reviews and more.


How I Write

Jaime Primak Sullivan: “When you’re writing, you want so desperately to get to the finish line, but there has to be an arc. You have to take people on a journey.”