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October 2019

Calling all fiction writers: This month’s issue is for you.

Inside you’ll find…

  • Tips for turning your hometown into a fictional setting
  • A masterclass in creating three-dimensional villains
  • A complete guide to speculative fiction (plus tips from the pros!)
  • A primer on popular punk genres
  • Meditations on writing outside your identity


And much, much more! Take a peek at our stories below and be sure to find a copy at your local newsstand this month.

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Melanie Ormand

Idea Generating Machine

By Melanie Ormand


How to fictionalize your hometown

By Lauren Puckett

World-building is rarely simple. Does drawing upon your childhood stomping grounds make it any easier?

Anatomy of an antagonist

By Jessica Stilling

How to craft the villain your hero deserves.

But what if?

By Jack Smith

Pro tips for writing (and publishing) speculative fiction.

Pick your punk

By Heidi Ruby Miller

You’ve heard of cyberpunk and steampunk. But what about greenpunk, oceanpunk, or mythpunk? Here’s the scoop on all the different subgenres populating the literary punk scene today.

Writing across margins

By Eden Squish Mackenzie

Can we tell the stories of marginalized communities if we aren’t part of them?

More eyes = more sales

By Kerrie Flanagan

Understanding and creating ads for your book on Amazon and Facebook.


From the Front Lines

The doctor is out

By Yi Shun Lai

Writing is not that kind of therapy.

Freelance Success

Money matters

By Pete Croatto

Why freelancers should ask for more money. Always.

Literary Spotlight

Driftwood Press

By Melissa Hart

Conference Insider

Gotham Writers Conference

By Melissa Hart

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From the Editor

Take Note

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