September 2014

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Alicia Anstead

The most influential people in your writing life

By Alicia Anstead

Since this is September, the official back-to-school month, we’ve had classrooms on our minds here at The Writer.


In residence

By Lauren Carter

Settle in and write.

Teacher’s bet

By Bill Conger

Kimberla Lawson Roby takes business into her own hands.

What’s in store?

By Kinney Littlefield

Scriptwriter Andrew Davies shares tips from the writers’ room.

Do better

By Megan Kaplon

How Google helped Ayelet Waldman conceptualize a novel.


Writing Essentials

Go for it

By Alicia Anstead

A culture clash turns out solid essays.

Writing Essentials

Lights up

By Michele C. Hollow

Get comfortable in front of the camera.

Off the Cuff

Wife of wrath

By Jennifer Chen

Appreciating the spouse-writer in your life isn’t always easy.

Write Stuff

Move over, Miss Manners

By Jack Hamann

This tome tackles it all.

Conference Insider

Policing the craft

By Yvonne Pesquera

Allow New Mexico to inspire your writing.

Literary Spotlight

The middle bit

By Melissa Hart

Full Grown People explores the “awkward age.”

Lasting Effect

1980: Suspense Writing

By Hillary Casavant

Mary Higgins Clark explains her craft.

Class Action

Mastering the art of writing

By Hillary Casavant

Which MFA program or workshop is right for you?

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From the Editor

Take Note

Lessons from teachers, classroom essentials, foreign language in fiction, building your character’s backstory, advice from Andrew Sean Greer and more.


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How I Write

Margie Gelbwasser: “Most of it is just imagination.”