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September 2016

Vanessa Garcia

Writing into the mainstream

By Vanessa Garcia

Learning the ABCs of writing about Cuba.


New voices in publishing

By Megan Kaplon

These six young editors and writers prove that age is just a number.

The science of submission

By Keysha Whitaker

Considering your mathematical odds of getting accepted can help soften the sting of rejection.

Steer your brand towards success (without sinking)

By Brian Feinblum

Building your personal writer brand can lead to smoother career sailing, but one wrong move can land you in rocky waters. Here's our guide to staying afloat.

Adventures in adaptation

By Jeff Lyons

Overcome the top six hurdles writers face when adapting their screenplay into a novel.


Market Focus

Level up

By Laura Marchand

Video games offer lucrative opportunities for freelancers - if you can get your foot in the door.

Class Action

To a degree

By Ryan Van Cleave

What are you really paying for when you enroll in a creative writing program?

Writing Essentials

No filter

By Jacqueline Hesse

Don't put unnecessary distance between your story and your reader.

Off the Cuff

Saving face

By Tara Laskowski

Why one writer rejects having an official Facebook author page - and why you might consider doing the same.

Write Stuff

Blogs versus articles

By Debbie Swanson

Both pay the bills, but how does one differ from the other?

Freelance Success

Free time

By Julia Rappaport

Use downtime between projects to improve your craft.

Conference Insider

Do your homework

By Melissa Hart

An intense California conference combines marketing skills with craft.

Literary Spotlight

A novel concept

By Melissa Hart

Five Points is one of the few journals that publishes novel and memoir excerpts.

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From the Editor

Take Note

Vanessa Garcia, Julia Fierro, and more.


How I Write

Angela Flournoy: "No outside pressure could live up to the pressure I've always put on myself as a writer."