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Six steps to increase your writing productivity every day

Do you find yourself staring at a blank page despite trying many different tactics to be more productive? Then it may be time to try something new. Here are six tips and tricks that will help you get more done.


Pick a reliable time of day

Depending on the person, our minds, bodies, and moods function well together at certain times of the day. For some of us, waking up early and writing is an easy and enjoyable way to kick off the day. For others, sleeping in and snoozing their alarm clock for 45 minutes is the only way they are able to start the day. Some people find they feel extra creative only when the sun goes down, when it feels like the entire rest of the world has gone to sleep.

Get to know yourself and your mind and body exchange. What time works best for you? Can you carve out a chunk of time to write then? If so, then pick that period as your reliable writing time of the day.

If not, it may be a good idea to examine why that time makes you feel the most productive. Is it because you’ve had enough rest right before? Is it because you drank a few cups of morning coffee? How about because it’s the time of day when people at work seem to leave you alone and you’re void of new emails or phone calls coming in? Once you determine why that time of day is a jackpot for your creativity, see if you can recreate that “why” in other moments of the day when you may have the time to write. That might mean a 20-minute nap or a shot of espresso is the trick to creating a new reliable time of the day for you to write.

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