Quiz: Am I A Writer?

Read on and see if you've got what it takes to be a writer today.

Person looking at self.
Person looking at self. Image by jesdaphorn/Shutterstock


Answer key

2,008-4,029 points: 


Wow! You must have ink in your blood. You likely plot three stories before your morning cornflakes. You probably don’t know what the rest of us are whining about regarding “writer’s block.” And I wouldn’t be surprised if your last name rhymes with “cakesphere.” Go forth and publish to fame and acclaim.

1,113-2,007 points: 

Your dream golf foursome surely includes at least one writer. You likely read books that movies you enjoy are based upon. You probably have a bit of pencil lead in your hand from a long-ago #2 pencil injury. Keep on writing!

124-1,112 points: 

There’s hope! You MIGHT be the great-great-great-great grandkid of a famous writer. Or not. I’ll bet good money that you’ve got a library card. And your name will probably appear on a book someday…even if you have to scribble it there yourself. Don’t give up!

123 and below points: 

Don’t worry. This scoring system is probably biased. Or broken. Or just plain created by someone who doesn’t get statistics, math, logic, or people.

Final analysis:

Of course, nothing – not a quiz, article, book, nor person – can truly say that you’re not a writer (wow, that’s a lot of double negatives). You’re already committed to the world of words or you wouldn’t be here. Congratulations, despite whatever dubious results this only-for-fun quiz offered you – you’re still a bona fide writer in our book.

—Ryan G. Van Cleave is the author of 20 books, and he runs the creative writing program at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. Web: ryangvancleave.com