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Home office products for writers to buy this winter

Not headed back to the office any time soon? We hear you. Invest in your work-from-home space this winter to make your temporary setup a much more functional one.

The Writer may earn a small commission if you buy something using one of the retail links in our articles. The Writer does not accept money for any editorial recommendations. Read more about our policy here. Thanks for supporting The Writer.
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1. Workstation on wheels

Tiny apartment? You still deserve a proper workspace. This affordable, mobile option is both sleek and space-efficient, allowing you to stow it away out of sight when your workday ends.



2. Laptop stand-turned-mousepad

Free up limited desk space for your monitor with this vertical laptop docking stand. When not in use, it folds flat into a mousepad.



3. Under-desk bicycle

Craving more movement than a standing desk allows? Try an under-desk exercise bicycle, which allows you to pedal off some calories while you power through your manuscript.



4. Stylish filing cabinet

Papers piling up now that you work from home? Keep things organized without feeling too corporate with this modern-looking filing cabinet from Poppin.



5. Eyestrain-preventing glasses

Spending long hours in front of a computer screen can do a number on your eyesight. These blue-light-blocking glasses come in a number of fashionable styles as well as different options for reading, gaming, and computer work.

Styles start at $39.99,


6. Video conference light

Zoom calls aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. This miniature light provides just the right amount of illumination without washing you out or leaving you in shadows, and it securely attaches to your laptop or monitor for easy access.



7. Classic painting room dividers

These two-sided room dividers featuring art prints by Van Gogh, Degas, and more are perfect for dividing rooms into multiple workstations or partitioning off a work-from-home corner that will remain out of sight when you’re off the clock.




We’re all stuck at home this long winter, but these picks can help brighten even the darkest of months.


Many cold-weather residents around the world swear by high-lux lights that can mimic sunlight’s effect on the body. The National Institute of Mental Health recommends 20 to 60 minutes with a 10,000-lux fluorescent lightbox, but check with your doctor if you have a question about specific device usage.

Sunrise-mimicking alarm clocks

If you find it difficult to rise and shine without any sunshine, there’s a gentler way to wake up than hitting the snooze button six times in the pitch-black early-morning hours. Sunrise-mimicking alarms slowly light up the room with a warm glow reminiscent of daylight, so users can ease out of sleep and wake in a lit room versus being jarred awake by the sound of a screeching clock in the dark.


Even the smallest of succulents can remind you that spring – and new green life! – are on the horizon, and caring for them will give you a small, low-maintenance ritual to break up the week.

Heated plushes or pillows

Ideally, we’d all have snoozing cats to keep our laps toasty this winter, but for those of us without, microwavable neck pillows, heating pads, or even plush stuffed animals can provide both warmth and comfort during stressful Zoom calls.