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8 Foods to Beat Writer’s Block

It happens to all of us: that moment in the middle of that work day when we hit a roadblock. These energy foods can help boost your productivity.

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It happens to all of us: that moment in the middle of our work day when we hit a roadblock and think: This sucks. I suck!

While it can be easy to feel like a failure in such an isolating and sometimes uncongratulatory line of work, you can always look at the situation another way. Every day that you get up to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard is a good one. Every letter recorded and every thought played out is a step in the right direction to making your writing dream come true. As Louise DeSalvo writes in the February issue of The Writer, “It’s not talent that gets the work done. It’s understanding that if we stick with the process through uncertainty, anxiety and so-called failure, we’ll develop the tenacity to endure and improve our craft.”

Instead of calling yourself a failure, cursing the computer and hitting “delete all,” take a few minutes to breathe. Get up from your desk, walk to the kitchen and grab a snack. Something as simple as dark chocolate or cashews might help you get over the slump and finish that next chapter. Here are the top eight mood-boosting snacks to beat writer’s block.

dark chocolate1. Dark chocolate (that’s right, chocolate) can play a huge role in changing your mood. High in antioxidants and cacao, a few squares a day will get you back on track to happy.

nuts2. Nuts offer a plethora of nutritional goodness, including
magnesium and folate, and many of them increase brain health. Almonds and peanuts (technically a legume) pack a big punch, as do walnuts, which are one of the best ways to boost serotonin levels, keeping you calm and cheery.

kale-chips3. Kale is a super-food that can help so many aspects of your health, and mood is one of them, thanks to high levels of magnesium. Pop some kale into the oven with a little salt and pepper to make crunchy kale chips perfect for snacking.

edamame4. Another great source of magnesium to build serotonin is edamame. Fill your pad with these pods for a healthy mid-crisis snack.

slicing-avocado85. Avocados are overflowing with folate, which helps fight fatigue
and regulate serotonin. Slice up a half or mash up some guacamole
for a little pick-me-up.

salmon6. If it happens to be mealtime when your meltdown occurs,
opt for fresh-caught salmon. Its omega-3 fatty acids help decrease
irritability and worrying.

Coffee7. Better for more than just a wake up, coffee also helps sharpen
alertness and focus, but don’t overdo it. The less you consume,
the more effective it is.

Water Glass8. One of the most basic keys to a better mood is water.
Dehydration, even a minor case, can worsen your spirits.
Drink plenty of H20 throughout the day.

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