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Six counterintuitive goals to shake up your writing routine

Don't be distracted by lofty goals and ambitions. Set attainable objectives for yourself and begin accomplishing more.

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Write something mediocre

Take the pressure off your writing and shake things up by playing around in a genre outside your comfort zone and area of expertise. If you’re a novelist, write a poem. If you’re a poet, draft an essay. If you write sci-fi tomes, scribble a postcard to a friend. Put your memoir aside and pen some fan fiction, a picture book, or the lyrics for a love song. Spend an hour, a week, a month of stolen time working on something for which you have no ambitions other than the fun of creating it, and relish the freedom of knowing the results will be amateur. Removing expectations of quality and throwing yourself into the joy of experimentation will loosen you up creatively, spark new ideas, and remind you what it’s like to just write.

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