Presidential prompts about our Founding Fathers

Beat writer's block and learn historical fun facts at the same time with these writing prompts inspired by our nation's first five presidents.

Did you know our copy editor, Toni Fitzgerald, is writing a book about a former president this year – and that you can follow along (and chime in!) on her path to publication? Read the first installment here and then borrow a little inspiration from her journey. Choose one of these fun presidential tidbits and then write a piece inspired by it, be it fiction, nonfiction, or poetry.

Black-and-white portrait of George Washington, one of America's founding fathers

George Washington

  • His dentures weren’t made of wood.
  • Washington was also one of our wealthiest presidents. Experts believe he likely owned almost 60,000 acres (much of which came from Martha’s inheritance). When he took office, his salary was a whopping 2 percent of the country’s entire budget.

Imagine: How did Washington acquire these teeth? Did they have to be fitted? Imagine being a person forced to give up your teeth for someone else’s mouth – presidential or otherwise.