Writing Prompts

Forget to remember

Write a story, poem or essay inspired by “forgetting.” A character forgets a key piece of information or an important object before an event. How does this affect him? How does the act of forgetting change the outcome of her story? Read More “Forget to remember”


Winter is a time for stillness: hibernation, freezing, stagnation. Use a winter setting to represent these themes in a fictional story. Imagine a psychological or … Read More “Defrost”

Pin it!

When writer’s block strikes, swap words for pictures. Photo posting sites such as Pinterest, Juxtapost and WeHeartIt allow users to collect and organize images on a … Read More “Pin it!”

Turkey time

A family gathers around the dining room table for Thanksgiving dinner. The kitchen door opens, and someone (or something) unexpected appears. Who or what has … Read More “Turkey time”

Pipe dreams

“The smell of the moldy sponge clung to her hands. She sighed over the sink, dreaming of the place she would go when she left this town.” Create a character and a story with this line. Where is this woman working? What are her future aspirations? How do these aspirations reflect her nature? Read More “Pipe dreams”