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One people

We The PeopleAs we celebrate America’s Declaration of Independence, write a story about another group of individuals who must come together to make a radical decision. What conflicts arise in the group? Who wants change and who wants to maintain the status quo? What persuades them to unite and make a final decision? Capture the tension of this meeting through dialogue and action.


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  • rogercrain

    Citizens United for Progress were mired in grievance procedures during that hot August day in 1976. Our hope was centered in bridging the gap between the haves and the have-nots. But something happened during that maiden session of mudslinging and patronizing that caused the group’s lack-lustered performance. CUP wanted free course in ensuring that all Americans were guaranteed their inalienable rights and liberties. However, there were individual factions that stalled the preceedings; some wanted change while others wanted a more robust attention to the status quo.