Writing Prompts

One-way ticket

busA character walks into a bus station and blindly chooses a destination. Why is she leaving? Where does he go? What will she find there?


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  • Carolyn M. Rhodes

    The clock was ticking Would 2 days leeway be enough for her to get away from her ex-boyfiriend? Jake got jail time after he trashed her aparment and sent her to the emergency room with a concussion. It was the first and last time, Tara vowed. She packed what she meeded, got to the bus depot, pointed at the wall map and that was her destination. She moved quickly to the ticket agent, “I’d like a ticket for Kalamazoo, MIchigan, any route.” Jake would never think to look for her there. Tara could survive the snow and cold, but, she knew not a soul there. Her entire world was in Miami, Florida, but she knew Jake was a gang member and she’d be killed if she stayed. Tara’s courage drowned her fears of the unknown. But, at least, she was alive.

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