Writing Prompts

On the road

carAt that moment, she realized her only option was to pack up her old sedan and hit the road.

Use this line as the beginning or end of a story. Why does this character have to leave? Where does she go? What does she take with her? Why?


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  • Michele Carlon

    After giving the police her statement, she realized her only option was to pack up her sedan and hit the road.

    Lilly’s husband was dead. He’d died in the conflagration of his own stupidity. It was karma.

    Lilly couldn’t say that she was sad. He’d had it coming. The last time she’d been in the ER, the doctor saw right through her excuse.

    “Are you SURE you fell down the stairs? We can get you some help if you need it.” he’d said.

    She’d tried to convince the doctor that she was simply a klutz. She’d told him of some other misadventures she’d had, but hadn’t been convincing enough. The doctor had called her at home the next day to ask her how she was and to see if she’d changed her mind about her story.

    Her husband had, in his usual paranoid and overprotective way, picked up the other line and she’d really gotten beaten that time.

    Last night, he’d been drinking, and fell asleep on the couch with a lit cigarette. Lilly had been in the bedroom, had smelled the smoke and escaped. She’d seen him on the smouldering couch. She got outside and waited until the house was completely engulfed, and then ran to the neighbors for help.