Writing Prompts

Sea and fog

BoatYou wake up on the deck of an empty boat. The boat is adrift, and you’re surrounded by fog. You check your pockets. No cellphone and the navigation equipment is broken. How did you get there? How do you get out?

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  • Autumn

    Stumbling along the damp, rotting wood
    The fog, suppressing my sense of direction
    This feeling is all too familiar
    The thick cover of fog continuing to cloud my eyes
    Just as my thoughts do
    Will the fog lift?
    Will the insecurities fade?
    Will my path, my destination, ever be unveiled?
    -Autumn Angel

  • Michele Carlon

    “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, my freakin’ head
    hurts.” I reached up and felt a goose egg on the side of my head, my
    fingers coming back wet, with blood. “Who the hell did I piss off
    THIS time?” I thought. I rubbed my eyes, hoping the fog was
    internal, to no avail. I was wet and cold and shivering, my mouth tasted
    like the bottom of a bird cage, and I had to pee. Bad.

    I sat up, my head swimming. “Oh, this is
    bad. This is very bad.” I was talking to myself but the words were
    going no where, muffled by the fog. I looked around but there was nothing
    in the dingy. No oars, no rope, no tarps.

    “Well, shit. I am officially screwed
    now. Where the hell am I, anyway?” I listened for clues, but
    all I heard was the lapping of water against the sides of the boat and the damned
    gulls. The gulls were squawking so loudly, I thought my head would explode.
    But, I supposed gulls were a good sign. Maybe I was close to land. How
    much did I drink, anyway? Last I remembered were the jello shots, and
    then the guys convincing me to go for a ride.

    I closed my eyes and begged for the respite of
    sleep until the sun could burn through the fog and I could see where I

    When I awoke, the sun was blazing down, burning and
    hot on my parched skin. I sat up and looked around. When my head
    stopped swimming I realized that I was only thirty feet from the dock– And the
    guys were sitting there, waiting for me with shit-eating grins on their faces.

    “Hey asshole! How you feeling this

    “Like shit warmed over. What did you
    idiots do to me? Why the hell am I out here in a dingy with a big knot on
    my head?” I stood up carefully, turned around facing the other side,
    and took a much needed whiz into the lake. I zipped up and turned
    around. Suddenly the boat jerked under me as the bow rope was snapped
    taut by the guys on the dock, and I fell backwards into the water.
    Laughter erupted from the shore.

    I swam like a rocket to the dock and my best friend,
    Josh, helped me out, looking chagrined.
    I swung and knocked him straight onto his butt, blood streaming out of
    his now broken nose.

    “I coulda died of exposure, you pricks!”

    “Hey man! We were just messing with
    you! C’mon, now. You deserved it anyway. After what you did
    to Frank’s car?”

    Josh pulled himself up, pinched his nose with his
    left hand and offered his right hand. We shook and John offered me a beer.

    “Okay, I guess I did deserve it. Let’s
    get outta here.” Justice was served.