Writing Prompts

Twitter chatter

TwitterTake a cue from Twitter and write a story in 140 characters or less. How does the space restriction tighten your writing or convey a message?

For inspiration, start with this classic, which tells a complete story in just 33 characters: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Once you’ve whittled your story down to the bones, use those lines as the premise for a longer piece.

Share your writing in the comments section below. Please keep posts under 500 words.


For more inspiration, visit our database of writing prompts.

  • Donavan Wilson

    I am holding on to every bit of loose change. This is the new American Dream. The everyday grind is about stretching every last resource.

  • Emily

    Meeting the Boyfriend

    “Your father’s a Latin Studies professor?” She picks the jalapenos from her salad. “Economics,” we answer. Luis sounds louder.

  • Emily

    Past Lives

    My nine year old remembers. It’s all we can do to shut him up. “I was happy,” he tells guests. “Before the war.”

    • Alicia

      Oh dear. Very ominous. A lot of tension in a very small space. Good going.

  • m d

    Right now, anything I say is wrong. So I say nothing. “It’s SO much fun to talk with you!” she says, sneering. I sigh, helpless.

    • Alicia

      Ouch. That relationship is going to crash, eh? Nice work!

  • sandra wolf

    “Picture not allowed miss!” barked the police officer. Behind him was the sheet-covered body, with red boots sticking out. I had seen them before.