Writing Prompts

Writing resolutions

clockBefore the clock strikes midnight, make a list of your writing wishes for the New Year. Will you find an agent? Complete the research for a nonfiction essay? Embark on a national book tour? Free write a list of your aspirations, no matter how big or small.

Next, create a list of resolutions. What can you do to make these wishes a reality? Assign yourself practical goals, such as writing for 15 minutes each day, completing one chapter per week or entering one contest a month. Hang your wishes and resolutions by your desk or a place that you’ll see each day. In the new year, make those wishes come true.


For more inspiration, visit our database of writing prompts.

  • Rajesh Rao

    Yes. This year seems to bring the best there is to achieve and yet loneliness gnaws at me. I would appreciate it if there were someone who can first send me writing prompts and then let me know whether my writing has improved or degraded when compared to my earlier content.

    • LDH

      Forgive me please, I’m new here. I get no direction from your name as to your gender. I’m assuming that you are Indian. Not that it is pertinent to what we may be doing. I simply wanted to know. Being a creative type, an artist specifically, I need visual input to get through my day.
      What do you think about your writing? You know what you are doing. You know if you are getting better or not. Don’t you think. And if loneliness is gnawing on you…get a puppy. Experience true gnawing. You won’t have time to be lonely and you will experience being loved and needed in its truest form. There is nothing like it.
      Here are a couple prompts for you if you like.
      You have undergone anesthesia and you are expecting to fall asleep any second. You never do. You hear the doctors and nurses talking and making fun of parts of your body. They laugh. That angers you and you are going to give them a piece of your mind. You find you cannot move. No matter how hard you try, you can’t move. You are paralyzed. You remember reading about this in Readers Digest. The person was awake and experienced the pain of the entire operation. The doctors gather around you and you see that one holds a scalpel and he leans over you and you loose sight of the scalpel. You feel his hands on you just before you feel the knife cut deep!!
      What are your thoughts while you lay there? What are they operating on and what was determined they were going to do.? What part of your body did they make fun of? You can be either male or female for this exercise. You can have some fun with this.
      Second: You are shopping in the mall with a good friend or your boy/girl friend. You are having a lot of fun. Its a beautiful day. The splendor of the day is shattered by machine gun fire. There are explosions from grenades. People are screaming and falling. There is bloods everywhere.
      Your friend is struck down and she/he lays at your feet bleeding and moaning. There is blood on your shoes. There are 4 men with weapons who are yelling and shooting at everything that moves. Since you have been frozen to the spot you are standing on from terror, they are not noticing you yet. You realize you need to get out of sight and fast. You see a big column only feet away from you. You quickly move behind the column. You can feel the impact of the bullets as they slam into the other side of the column.. They saw you move and tried to shoot you.Other men yelling and more shooting. You hear the words police, surrender. A policeman falls next to the column and he looks up at you. He is beckoning to you. He holds his gun up for you to take. You look at him and his blood pooling on the tile floor. You look over at your friend who is looking at you and calls your name. You hear someone behind you making a pssst sound. You turn slowly and see a teenager behind a door that leads outside and to escape and freedom. You want to fight down your fear and take the policeman’s gun and kill the terrorists. You want to help your friend and you feel the pull of the freedom and living calling you from the door behind you. What do you do.
      These two should at least give you something to think about.
      I know that I can get a feel for my progress as I go. I’ve been a writer for about two years give or take, I’ve written a book about Viet Nam. Not so much Viet Nam but all the fun things I experienced there. I have interjected a lot of humor. Do you like dark humor? It has a place. I’ve got 60 chapters so far. Granted, some are only one page or one half page. I use real small type on those pages.

  • Adrienne

    Another new year dawns with all it’s promise. I look forward to this year and have learned not to put too much stock in resolutions but to have goals and each day take a step towards those goals.

  • Billie L Wade

    I made a list of my writing goals and intentions for 2018, and envisioned the action steps to bring them to fruition. My next step is to mark on my calendar which steps I’m going to work on each day. I plan to revisit the list quarterly to assess my progress.

    • Willi

      Your plan is a good one. I have done well with purchase of a wall board to keep track of the actions I must take each day or week to reach my writing goals. I tried doing it electronically but it did not work as well. Good luck in 2018.

      • Billie L Wade

        Thank you, Willi. All the best to you in 2018.